Ольга Романовская оголилась после бани Leading “Revizorro” threw shyness and lowered the towel. New photo of Olga Romanov has published in his microblog, he made an indelible impression on fans of the stars.

      Ex-member of the famous trio “VIA Gra” Olga Romanov recently became the new host of the popular show “Revizorro”. First, fans of the program with the criticism took the appearance of a pop star in the program, but eventually appreciated the new telediva appreciated. Many of them have subscribed the microblog Olga and watch now for her life through a social network “Instagram”.

      Spectacular brunette brings followers and often gives them a cause for admiration. So, the day before she posted a photo that caused a furor. The picture shows the star showed a piquant part of the body after the steam bath. Standing in front of a photographer, she lowered a large towel, which was covered. I wonder what Romanov was not naked. However, her swimsuit Nude created such an effect.

      “The bathhouse, we got the rare… On this occasion, I wore a festive swimsuit position: I’m very dressy. Just today’s priorities on the other side” – jokingly signed photo Olga.

      “Said the beauty, with that figure, you can wear the bag though canvas”, “photo – lucky (if a man)”, “I’m going to be blinded by this splendour”, “Beauty! Olga, you are a perfect woman, wife, host,” – expressed his delight fans of the stars.

      “Thank You so much, but to the ideal I is! Yes, I’m not trying,” replied Romanov.

      By the way, Olga realizes that the perfect appearance for a public figure is very important. Therefore, the star is sufficiently loyal to the different procedures for rejuvenation and transformation. Romanovskaya said that he sees nothing wrong with that, to correct figure flaws or facial. The artist closely watching them and if necessary, appeals to experienced cosmetologists.

      Elena Letuchaya apologized for new leadership “Revizorro”

      “As for the injections, I tried hyaluronic acid and different meso – and vitamin complexes. For three years I try to take the course, but to be honest, never done this completely: not enough time. My mom still tells me that I’m doing stupid things. If someone has the same opinion, that is your right, and I’m going to prolong your youth!” – says a leading.

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