Olga Romanov was accused of defrauding the winner of “Battle of psychics”

Ольга Романовская обвинила в обмане победителя «Битвы экстрасенсов» The singer has compared the visit of the magician with the bad advice of a psychologist. Olga Romanovskaya says that the talents which the psychic demonstrated during participation in the project, it has not shown. The former soloist of group “VIA Gra” disappointed with the human interaction, for which she paid a round sum.
Ольга Романовская обвинила в обмане победителя «Битвы экстрасенсов»

Singer Olga Romanovskaya decided to Express their attitude to one of the participants in the program “Battle of psychics.” The singer admitted that he was once a big fan of the project, so don’t miss any transmission. However now Olga almost looks new season of the show, and if it does this, will still thrill and delight.

The former soloist of group “VIA Gra” and the former host of the program “Revizorro” disappointed in “battle of the psychics” after a visit to the winner of the seasons of the show. Romanov has stated that the session at the magician, it can only be compared to the bad advice of a psychologist.

“Leaving obscene amount and spending half an hour on what she said on-demand psychic a lot about myself, I received a short and not a very good session with weak psychologist. Even with information in hand, the man was completely “left” the picture of my life, while scattering some kind of solitaire game, referred to as alignment, worn cards… No talent displayed in the transmission, the psychic has not shown,” – said in his microblog about the visit to the magician Olga Romanov.

Singer does not mention the name of the person with whom she had to communicate. Despite the fact that the winner of “Battle of psychics” disappointed VIP-client, Romanovskaya did not rule out that he still has the gift.

“And I do not rule out that the gift the person really is, but just not to strain hunting. I’m not very impressionable and a trip to the fortune teller can’t change anything in my life. In the spell and damage is not believe. But if you have the reverse situation, think thrice whether to risk his peace of mind?” – warned followers of Olga Romanov.

We will remind, not so long ago about the program “Battle of psychics” appeared damaging her attention that all of it – not that other as performance. Vera Sotnikova spoke about cheating in the “Battle of psychics”