Olga Rapunzel was unable to keep secret the name of the newborn daughter

Ольга Рапунцель не смогла удержать в тайне имя новорожденной дочки
The Network has figured out the secret to star electroni.

Olga Rapunzel with my daughter

Photo: @Instagram olyarapunzel Olga Rapunzel

About a month ago Olga Rapunzel, famous all over the country participating in “House-2” for the first time became a mother. Although she gave birth live (streamed in social networks), and then similarly discharged from the hospital, the name of the newborn baby she decided to keep secret.

Only recently the fans have figured out the secret to Rapunzel. The girl’s name, sure the fans were encoded in the recent publication of the star electroni. Talking about her daughter, Olga wrote the word “love” with a capital letter. Fans think that the family Rapunzel a teenage girl named Love.

“My baby, my Love is the most precious baby girl, you are my sense of home, I love you very, be most happy!” — wrote Olga. Incidentally, the girl’s father — Dmitry Dmitrienko also writes in his letters “love” with a capital letter.

Meanwhile, shortly after the birth of a daughter Olga and Dmitry started to have problems in family life. According to rumors, the couple mother interfered Rapunzel — Tatiana, where young parents were on the verge of divorce. Recently Olga announced that she reconciled with her husband, that is, the conflict was settled. But fans assume that it was clearly not a public quarrel couples, accustomed to live “on camera.”