Olga Rapunzel triumphed over judgment day in the “House-2”

Ольга Рапунцель одержала победу над «судным днем» в «Доме-2» The petition of one of the users of the Internet in which he accused a girl of immoral behavior were rejected. According to journalists and other participants of the popular project, many were not very pleasant history in the past, but we must move on and not think about it.

      Ольга Рапунцель одержала победу над «судным днем» в «Доме-2»

      Despite a petition written “antifoamy Olga Rapunzel, the girl was justified by most of the participants and journalists were present on the set of new show “Dom-2. Judgment day” on TNT.

      Prosecutors one of the most popular participants of the TV project “Dom-2” on TNT was made by the audience. A petition against Olga for the promotion of depraved way of life has collected more than two thousand likes, and in terms of the new show for transmission case “in the court” project is enough to dial and thousands.

      “Attorney” and “witness” became Andrei Cherkasov Konstantin Ivanov and protect the girl from attacks volunteered new Dasha sukhoruchenko . The story ended positively, public opinion recognized Olga is innocent, confirmed that Ksenia Borodina. In the end, “the defendant” received 9 votes against and 16 votes. It is noteworthy that the justification for Olga Rapunzel spoke and three journalists of top Russian publications, which a few days lived in the perimeter.

      The appearance of journalists at the site of “House-2” has provoked scandal

      Journalists felt the charge of Olga’s accusation is not entirely correct and justified. According to some representatives of mass media, everyone has a history, which would be a shame. In the case of Olga is not promoting immoral behavior. For these reasons, many of them stood up for Rapunzel.

      “I am very worried about this court! Because it is a thing of the past. Why did it stir? I was surprised by the attack Dice Ivanov, because he came to the project thanks to me. There were many charges from my antifanatov, but I’m glad in the end everything is so decided. Dima, I was very supportive, said he accepted me with my past”, — says Olga Rapunzel.

      How was it, the audience will see a special broadcast of “House-2” on 7 July at 17:00 on TNT.

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