Ольга Рапунцель перестала скрывать округлившийся животик The former participant “Houses-2” posted a photo, which confirmed the rumors about her pregnancy. Fans rushed to congratulate the young woman with the imminent completion of the family. The sex of the baby a pair has been kept secret.

Olga Rapunzel was one of the brightest participants of the project “Dom-2”. In June she married Dmitry Dmitrenko, and soon the lovers left the telestroke.

Fans were convinced that the departure of star pair with a scandalous show is associated with the pregnancy of a young woman. The very same Olga only hints at the interesting situation, neither confirming nor denying the rumors. Now she has decided to dot the “i” and posted a photo where you can see the rounded tummy.

“I am not God to judge anyone, but many of you clearly not himself. Fear of higher powers, and the boomerang has not been canceled! As for my dear people, I do appreciate and love”, – has signed a snapshot of Olga.

The controversial star regularly hear the criticism, and apparently, with this post she tried to respond to the attacks of enemies.

Fans of Olga rushed to congratulate her with the imminent motherhood, but there were those who doubted its sincerity. “Eighteen months ago, she said she not ready for children, and there is already such a stomach,” “Why on all other photos it is not noticeable? I think that Rapunzel is just trying to draw attention to myself”, “Finally the rumors were confirmed! Congratulations, hope the baby will be healthy and loved,” wrote the fans of ex-member “House-2”.

Earlier Olga and Dmitry admitted that I can not find a good accommodation in Moscow. Celebrity couple managed to live in several apartments, but never decided on the perfect option.

“At first we rented a house for 65 thousand rubles per month, but realized that I wanted to eventually purchase your own property and decided to find a cheaper option. As a result, one apartment was located too far from the center of Moscow, and in the other I was bitten by bugs. So my suitcases, things was running from one apartment to another. After that I returned to that which was removed initially,” he told Rapunzel.

The young woman stresses that she has a property in Vladivostok. The option of moving the star family is not considered because Olga and Dmitry are planning to build a career in Moscow.

Now the relations of the spouses, there is complete idyll. Olga never ceases to confess his love to her husband and to stress how important to her his support. Fans of Rapunzel and Dimitrenko are confident that they will be great parents and will be able to surround baby with love.