Olga Rapunzel met the lover for the beating

Ольга Рапунцель оправдала любимого за побои Participant of “House-2” is considered normal when the chosen one raises her hand. Olga Rapunzel sees nothing reprehensible in the fact that for some offenses Dmitry Dmitrienko beats her. She is ready to change for the young person not to cause his behavior aggression.

      Ольга Рапунцель оправдала любимого за побои

      Participant reality show “House-2” Olga Rapunzel happy I found on the project your true love in the face of a young man, Dmitry Dmitrienko. She’s quite happy with the relationship with him. Even the fact that the man allows himself to lift her arm, and Olga did not bother. She is generous and forgives the beloved, as it finds justification for his actions. Rapunzel realizes that she provokes favorite acts of aggression, so that his reaction is normal.

      “He never hits me just so. There is always a way. Obviously, when a man asks to be silent or not to kill, you need to listen and not continue to freak out over,” he told Rapunzel.
      Ольга Рапунцель оправдала любимого за побои

      The young man regularly gets away with an inappropriate attitude to the girl. She told me that she loves his chosen, and therefore prepared to take a beating. Despite the fact that her mother would not forgive such an attitude to the father of Olga, the girl probably doesn’t see anything wrong. She’s also not averse to give vent to emotions and in a fit of anger to hit Dmitri. However, a participant of the reality show realizes that it is better to resolve conflicts peacefully.

      It is likely, Rapunzel got used to the fact that the closest people can raise a hand on her. She told me that mom was very strict – do not allow late night walk and was forced to attend, and for the slightest disobedience threatened to beat him with a belt. Only thanks to the persistence of a mother she graduated from the University and got a degree in Economics, but work on a specialty does not intend to. Olga believes that a man should fully to ensure it is possible, for this she is ready to endure a temper lover. Olga Rapunzel had an affair with a gigolo

      Apparently, Rapunzel thinks it’s okay when a man uses physical force against the girl. In order not to be lonely, she is ready to adapt to favorite that doesn’t make his soul an even greater surge of aggression. “My friend lives with a guy who beats her for several years. A man need to run! If a girl is changing, and the man is still aggressive towards her, you need to leave,” – said Olga in an interview with “House-2”.