Olga Rapunzel is going to throw a wedding for three million

Ольга Рапунцель закатит свадьбу на три миллиона The star of “House-2” will be married June 17. Olga Rapunzel found love on the main telestroke country, the reality show “Dom-2”. The girl is eagerly waiting for the official date to give an oath of love and loyalty to his handpicked successor Dmitry Dmitrienko.
Ольга Рапунцель закатит свадьбу на три миллиона

Wedding Rapunzel Olga and Dmitri Dmitrenko is scheduled for June 17 and will take place in Moscow. “OLE wanted to be a Princess from a fairy tale, – told the “StarHit” friends of the couple. And chose the Swan Princess. It is also her favorite bird. Everything will be white swans – from the clutch and finishing with cake and napkins”.

Bridesmaid dress with a train, open back and jewel bow crystal sew designer Jamal Makhmudov, it will cost Olga 500 thousand rubles. A ring from the company “the Yakut diamonds” – 800. Girl’s head will adorn a crown of rhinestone, which Rapunzel ordered, the designer who created this accessory for Sergey Zverev. The first night the couple will be held in a five-star hotel, and the celebration in one of the restaurants.

“Guys I love seafood, so they will prevail on the tables – still surrounded by couples. – Sushi, lots of fish, oysters, crabs and, of course, champagne!”
Ольга Рапунцель закатит свадьбу на три миллиона

At a conservative estimate, the holiday will stand you at least 3 million rubles.

Olga herself is excited about the upcoming wedding. She is looking forward to the day when will become the official wife of his choice. Rapunzel suggests that her triumph will not be as lush as she dreamed. However, this does not upset the girl. It’s important for her that she’s marrying the man she loved. Olga Rapunzel: “there Was a time when I was afraid to go home”

“We’re registered at the registry office, sit in a restaurant with family and friends, then fly to honeymoon. Just him and me. It’s very romantic. Let who it wants and understands, thinks, talks, dreams – it’s your opinion and right. And I’m happy. I am loved and I love. Even though for a moment thinking if he will be there with me, but I do not need any money. I wish you all infinite happiness,” wrote the star of “House-2” in the microblog.