Olga Rapunzel had an affair with a gigolo

Ольга Рапунцель закрутила роман с альфонсом The star of “House-2” hides, what luxurious gifts she makes herself. Participant of the reality show gives the appearance of idyll in relations with her boyfriend, while providing it. Olga Rapunzel is ready to continue to sponsor the groom, giving your shopping for gifts from him.

      Ольга Рапунцель закрутила роман с альфонсом

      Olga Rapunzel came to the telestroke in the summer of 2015. Long-haired brunette originally from Vladivostok quickly gained popularity thanks to an interesting past. The girl worked in video chat of an intimate nature, than together a good condition. Live Olga boasts that always gets expensive gifts from the suitors, calls himself a “brand,” and believes that she needs to buy the Cavaliers. But in fact, Rapunzel has long forgotten what the male surprises, and for the sake of pretty pictures in the air took matters into their own hands. As found “StarHit”, “generous” the 28-year-old Dmitry Dmitrienko, the beloved Olga, Alfonso.

      “It begs the organizers and participants of the money and gifts, everything suggests, they say, want flowers or jewelry to buy, and no money – says “StarHit” the ex-project participant Anastasia Gagarina. With me for example, he “happened” new sneakers.”

      Rapunzel is happy to be sponsoring the groom, supporting image.

      The star of “House-2” Olga Rapunzel justified for the work in intimate chats

      “The things that she allegedly buys, Olga herself and gives money – says “StarHit” the ex-boyfriend of the controversial contestants Nikolay Baranovsky. – A show like this Dima spends money. Brine clinging to him only because of the show, because such a “goody-goody” another search is necessary: do for it whatever. Ola, in principle, not necessary from his grandmother – she needs popularity.”

      By the way, on the project Olga gained fame scandalous participating. Shortly after her appearance on the realty show opened with an unexpected truth – it turned out that earlier the girl made a living by filming videos of erotic content. It was about the intimate services provided via the Internet. Then Rapunzel explained a particular way of earning money need to support myself and in what does not deny. In the “House-2” Olga survived this persecution, as many colleagues in the telestroke have not shunned to remember her mistakes of the past.