Olga Rapunzel gave birth to live

Ольга Рапунцель родила в прямом эфире
The star of “House-2” became a mother.

Olga Rapunzel, the popular participant of “House-2” gave birth to a daughter. The TV star was led out of the clinic, live stream, whereby thousands of her fans have become “accomplices” of the process.

Olga came to the hospital at six in the morning, when I felt the first contractions. A Rapunzel took the icon, which is not removed until the very end.

Husband Rapunzel — Dmitry Dmitrienko was present at birth. He was doing his wife a foot massage and strongly supported during labor. “It was not my idea, but only his desire. He offered – say, want to see how the baby is born. I would have a hand to hold me. But if I wanted to see Dima at birth, and he was against it, I would not began to persuade him!” — said Olga shortly before birth.