Olga Rapunzel for the first time revealed her daughter’s face

Ольга Рапунцель впервые показала лицо дочери
The star of “House-2” has unveiled the name and appearance a three-month baby.

Photo: Instagram

Olga Rapunzel though, and says according to the tradition of the reality show “Dom-2” on every step of the way, but the name of his little daughter kept secret for three months. Like not a long time, but not for the person who gave birth live!

Olga decided not to show anyone the face my daughter and tell me how called the girl up to the christening. The Holy ceremony was held just over a week ago and now Rapunzel with a clear conscience can excite fans with photos of little Vasilisa. It is the name parents gave their daughter.

“Meet my beloved daughter Vasilisa! she wrote in a personal blog under the photo with docmail. — Our Suddenly, the magic flower, we love you!”

Subscribers stars immediately noticed that Vasilisa — just like your father, another member of telestroke Dmitry Dmitrienko.

“Daddy’s girl!” — they wrote in the comments. By the way, some asked Olga not to get upset with this fact, because young children are very often change their appearance during the first years of his life. They told me that nature intended so that newborn babies first have been similar to dad that they did not doubt his own fatherhood.

By the way, before fans of the star couple assumed that she was given a completely different name — Love. The fact that from the very first post after the birth, Rapunzel everywhere put the hashtag “my love”, and fans were convinced that she not expresses her feelings towards the baby, and alludes to the public as called daughter.