Ольга Рапунцель не хочет афишировать беременность
About a month ago from the main telestroke country left his wife Olga Rapunzel and Dmitri Dmitrenko.

Ольга Рапунцель не хочет афишировать беременность

This decision was made by Dmitry, and no one was able to convince him, no beloved wife, no leading. Ex-member show Rustam Solntsev decided to have a talk with Olga and learn how it feels to be outside the perimeter.

“I feel at altitude, – says Olga. – I am fine, life goes on. What can I have wrong? Most importantly, I’m smiling, not crying over nothing, my husband’s favorite makes me happy.

Now my priority is family, bring such taboo for me. I have the best husband, I’m thankful that I met him. And another secret: my husband and I are waiting for replenishment. But I don’t want to advertise it, you’ll find out later”.

So we will wait for official information about pregnancy Olga.

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