Olga Rapunzel divorce through the courts

Ольга Рапунцель разводится через суд A pregnant member of telestroke finally decided to divorce Dima Dmitrenko. Olga Rapunzel has applied to the authorities in order to require wife to pay child support after the baby is born.
Ольга Рапунцель разводится через суд

Olga Rapunzel decided to divorce with Dmitry Dmitrenko through the courts. Today the participant of “House-2” wrote a statement in one of the sections of the suburbs. Earlier a pregnant woman left married and returned back to the project. She admitted that her husband had laid a hand on her and tried to strangle him. Olga was hoping that their relationship will improve, however, the news about the affair Dima Masha Kohno, destroyed the hopes of the family.

Rapunzel brought to court. Together with a pregnant woman came to a lawyer Vladyslav Pakhomov. He helped the party telestroke to make a claim on divorce. Star project pointed out the main reasons for divorce: beating, abuse of spouse of alcoholic beverages, as well as repeated calls to the police. She took the statement, then the lawyers announced the exact date of the decision. Five days the document will be reviewed, then within a month held a hearing. In the case that today there aren’t, it will be a second meeting.

Ольга Рапунцель разводится через суд

Olga repeatedly asked the husband to leave mutually. But Dmitry wanted to restore the family. The couple married this summer. After the divorce, Rapunzel plans to return to her maiden name. Participant of the TV show told the newspaper “Дом2Life”.

that does not know what the middle name will give the child. The expectant mother is planning to find a new man for the relationship, and he will have the chance to be a father for her daughter. Olga was also noted that demand from Dimitrenko financial assistance will not.

“My dear, I am tired to watch how he’s attacking me as trying to mix with the dirt and destroy. It’s time to dot the i. I’m sorry, but to tolerate it anymore”, – Olga shared with fans.