Ольгу Рапунцель осудили за пренебрежение к дочке An innocent bystander was shocked. According to one of the visitors of the cafe, where the rest of Olga Rapunzel and Dmitry Dmitrenko with the child stars of “house-2” preferred to make many photographs, ignoring the crying baby.
Ольгу Рапунцель осудили за пренебрежение к дочке

The star of “House-2” Olga Rapunzel became a mother April 1 – she gave husband Dmitry Dmitrenko daughter. For both parents the child was the firstborn. Now microblog participants stopped in notes of a young mother in their publications, she talks about the first days of life the baby, and also regularly thanked the lucky stars that her life changed dramatically.

The web sparked heated debate due to the fact that one of the wearer told about a chance meeting with a family staying in the cafe. The girl was perplexed due to the fact that Olga was concerned about finding the best angle for photos with beloved husband. And all anything, but a visitor to the cafe outraged that during this time the little girl was crying, and Olga tried to calm her down. His observation of the girl shared in the comments of the post Rapunzel.

Ольгу Рапунцель осудили за пренебрежение к дочке“He behaved absolutely easy, but Olga was not happy with everything. And still just killed me, stroller with stickers “Dom-2” – added random witness family dinner family Dimitrenko.

Olga herself with pleasure engage in a conversation with the commentators of your post, but did not answer the girl who told about it, not the most pleasant thing. The star of “House-2” is of the opinion that there are many people who are jealous of her for some reason, but because she sees no need to change on a whim.

Ольгу Рапунцель осудили за пренебрежение к дочке“I don’t want to justify them, I do as I like, and for me the best mom! People are angry and envious, or they are unhappy or they have no kids or nothing better to do write nonsense! It really is their idiocy in any frame, even to offend don’t want them, just pity them!” – said Olga.
Ольгу Рапунцель осудили за пренебрежение к дочке

However, some members did not believe in the word of some lady and asked to provide evidence. According to them, the visitor café had to make a video to present it to confirm his words. The woman was outraged that many fans of Rapunzel opened her persecution. She asked fans to be more restrained in the expression of their own emotions.

“I do not need to fill up direct angry messages and to be subscribers. Was the experience I was. I did not like it. I’m in a cultural form, without insults expressed on this subject. I have the same right as everyone else. If you don’t want to read bad reviews, do closed the account and sing an ode of praise”, is not restrained wearer Network.