Ольга Погодина вспомнила, как спасала семью The actress had to overcome life’s difficulties. Olga Pogodina from an early age began to work to feed their loved ones. An artist since his youth has learned to cope with difficulties in achieving the goal.

      Ольга Погодина вспомнила, как спасала семью

      Popular actress Olga Pogodin in his career, the actress starred in various films. One of the highlights of her work was the role in the series on the First channel “Margarita Nazarova”. Olga was not only an actress, but also became the producer of the film. In the series she plays a courageous woman-tamer. As it turned out, endurance and a tough character she has, not only on set but in life. On the program “Alone with all”, the actress said that from a very young age she had to bear the responsibility for their loved ones.

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      “I have worked since I was 16. It so happened that my 16 years were the turning point in our country. Dad lost his job and my mom at this point had a stroke. It so happened that I graduated from high school, I had to go to College. I really know what it is to make money when you have none at all. When you look and think: “Maybe it’s better not to have lunch today?” Fortunately, that appetite was not”, – said Yulia Pogodina Menshovoj.

      Olga noted that it was aware of the responsibility that rests on her for her family. She was an elementary need to arrange life for the whole family.

      Pogodin remembered that she had often to face difficulties on your way. Olga told me that she had struggled with a serious illness, but did not specify which one. She noted that she remembers being overcome with unbearable pain. But only a strong dedication to their goals helped her to cope with all difficulties.

      Despite the fact that Pogodina often had to deal with the problems, she refused to let himself respond emotionally to the difficulties and become discouraged. Olga tries to lean only on themselves and not on the assistance of even the closest people – parents, family and friends. The question Menshovoj about when she last cried, the actress admitted that allows you to show weakness only on the set.

      “In life you have to solve the problem, and do not chew snot,” admitted Pogodin in the Studio of the TV program.