Olga Pogodina narrowly escaped tragedy

Ольга Погодина чудом избежала трагедии The incident occurred on the set of “Margarita Nazarova”. In the circus there was a power failure at that moment, when Olga Pogodin was in a cage with tigers, which in the darkness Wake up the animal instincts.

      Ольга Погодина чудом избежала трагедии

      Yesterday on air of the First channel launched the series “Margarita Nazarova” about the fate of the first Soviet tamer, whose name echoed throughout the world. The leading actress Olga Pogodina had to work not one year in the arena, to be able to play the role of circus stars. Like the Nazarov at the time, Pogodin refused the help of stunt doubles and performed the most difficult stunts with tigers themselves.

      Margarita Nazarova: the pain and the loss of the legendary tamer

      The creators of the show managed to implement such an ambitious project under the guidance of Zapashny brothers. Known trainers Askold and Edgard taught his difficult art Olga Pogodin and her partner Andrei Chernyshev, who played the wife Nazarova Constantine Constantine. In the program “Good morning” on the First the actress has admitted that one of the workouts would end tragically for her.

      The star told us that she worked with Edgar Zapashny one of the stunts for the film, when suddenly the arena lights went out. While electricians fixed the malfunction, the actress had to endure terrible minutes. The fact that in the darkness the tigers waking up an animal instinct, and they can attack an object that is in motion near. Thus the predators can see in the dark, unlike humans. Whence to wait for danger, the actress was impossible to know, so I could only hope for the best. Fortunately, at that time, the cost.

      But the brother of Edgar Askold no luck. During the filming one of the episodes of the TV series “Margarita Nazarova” handler the script started running away from the tiger. That, in turn, apparently got into the role and really rushed at the Askold. “Seven scars remain – admitted Zapashny. – I managed to thrust the claws but not the teeth. So I was lucky”.

      By the way, the star of the circus was pleased with the work on the project. Their student Olga Pogodina proved himself a worthy newcomer. “Our idea eight years, it’s very long established. This particular film was created three years. And that’s just with the Edgar Zapashny we came up with the idea eight years ago. It turned out that I can do it, so we took a picture” – confessed the actress in an interview with presenter of the First channel Catherine Strizhenovoj.

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