Olga Pogodina and Alexei Pimanov: a love story, the secret wedding, and collaboration

Ольга Погодина и Алексей Пиманов: история любви, тайная свадьба и совместная работа Actress and producer along with 2014, their wedding was held in secret, without fanfare. In interviews, they say very little about each other, only the most common words. He met actress and producer, as well as what their family harmony — in the material “StarHit”.

      Ольга Погодина и Алексей Пиманов: история любви, тайная свадьба и совместная работа

      At the end of April on the First channel started a serial feature film “Margarita Nazarova”, based on the biography of the famous Soviet tamer of tigers. The main role in it performed by honored artist Olga Pogodina. She also acted as one of the producers of the show, along with her husband, the President of the media holding “Red star” Alexey Pimanov.

      The couple works very well together. Their personal relationship did not affect professional. Olga Pogodin did not ask for a loan from his husband, whose fortune is estimated in millions roubles, and took out a Bank loan to complete the picture. In addition, for the sake of “Margarita Nazarova” Pogodina had to communicate with these tigers. Fearless actress herself came into the cage to predators. Moreover, the name of Olga even got into the Guinness Book of records of Russia, because the artist is not scared to perform a deadly stunt. Pogodina trainers become professional trainers Edgar and Askold zapashnye. They also took part in the filming of the project, playing in small roles.

      Ольга Погодина и Алексей Пиманов: история любви, тайная свадьба и совместная работа

      According to the actress, she has several years of experience with the tigers, so it is no big deal to act in conjunction with predatory animals. In the case of training the star is long gone to the professional level.

      Mystery TV series “Margarita Nazarova”: how to create a film about the legendary tamer

      “My heart is racing not never, because if I begin pounding heart – I will eat. Throughout the world people are divided into two types: the trainers and all the rest”, — said Olga Pogodina.
      Ольга Погодина и Алексей Пиманов: история любви, тайная свадьба и совместная работа

      Husband of actress and Alexey Pimanov, admits that he could not force his wife to abandon the dangerous stunts because they are part of her work. At the moment the most dangerous moments Pimanova was not on the set. Nevertheless, he is sincerely happy for the successes of Pogodina.

      “Of course, I was aware of what was going to happen on the set, but in those moments when Olga put her head in the jaws of a tiger, my shooting was not. On the other hand, I couldn Olga to stop, just because it’s part of her profession. Circus artist as an understudy was not. I am proud of it”, — said Alexey Pimanov.

      Brave Pogodin, by his own admission, and in life not afraid of anything. However, despite its character, actress — an exemplary wife, who cares for his wife and always tries to spend free time. Olga believes that she is very lucky with her husband. They’re doing fine to find a common language with each other. Such relationships are rare in today’s world.

      “We understand each other, both workaholics. It would seem that by working together, the couple are putting themselves at risk and quarrels are inevitable. But we both have enough wisdom and patience to hold back, to give in, and somewhere to stand his ground. Alex for me is the best in the world,” recalled Olga Pogodina.

      Pogodin believes her husband is very decent and kind person. Despite the fact that the Pimanov — sociable and he has many friends, he gives his all and in such moments, may even withdraw. Olga is well aware of the wife, as she is spends a lot of time on set. Moreover, when they finish, she feels uncomfortable. “Even when my work day lasts 24 hours, and it happens quite often, for me this is the norm. And really do not like the period when shooting coming to an end. I am a workaholic,” says Olga Pogodina.

      The actress is rarely seen at social events. Microblog in Instagram she does not. Instead of visit the next Prime Minister, Pogodina prefer to work and study, and all of her relatives do the same. Alexey Pimanov fully shares the fighting spirit of his wife, their characters are very similar.

      Ольга Погодина и Алексей Пиманов: история любви, тайная свадьба и совместная работа

      Wedding Pogodina Pimanova and went without much noise. Rather, generally without any information in the press. Love until the last moment kept this fact a secret. For many, this was the discovery that the actress met producer and journalist. Only after a while children Pimanova from the first two marriages are confirmed by the marriage of his father. He signed with Pogodina in one of registry offices of Moscow, preferring not to arrange magnificent ceremony.

      With the previous wife, journalist Valentina, according to acquaintances of the producer, Pimanov parted without scandals and quarrels. She was in hysterics, but treated the incident as an adult and intelligent person, simply releasing her husband.

      “Two people came together, with magic power, — I and Director, Alexei Pimanov. Indeed, we had to meet, as the sea began to be stormy, sharply became cold, the city was hit by storms and other natural disasters,” said Olga Pogodina.
      Ольга Погодина и Алексей Пиманов: история любви, тайная свадьба и совместная работа

      Before marrying Pimanova, Olga was the wife of one businessman, whose name she preferred not to name the journalists. According to some, he was a friend of Alexey Pimanova. With producer actress met on the set of the film “Three days in Odessa”, in 2007. According to her, before giving the role, Pimanov pretty her suffer, forcing to go through several samples in a row. However, after Olga approved, she realized: it was all for the sake of art. With the Director of the film Pogodin quickly found a common language, and the friendship then developed into a strong family Union and partnership at work.

      “I passed the casting for his film “Three days in Odessa”, and he gave me 18 samples! Now I realize that it’s just the professional thoroughness of Alexei and not harm. And then almost cried this hard labor. When shooting began, it turned out that on this picture, and many things in the movies we Piganovym look exactly the same,” — commented Olga Pogodina.

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