Olga Pogodin was introduced to the Italian mafia

Ольгу Погодину познакомили с итальянским мафиози
The actress had to turn to Cosa Nostra, so as not to disrupt filming.

Olga Pogodina

Photo: Philip Goncharov

“My Executive producer Misha went to the local “don Corleone”, — says Olga Pogodina. — He looked notably: the entire face is riddled with scars, but smartly dressed. Kissing the hand. If a woman stands — and he stands. A woman sits before he sits down. Gallant ad nauseam. We explained the situation to him. For a persuasiveness dense forest has shown footage of where I put my head in the tiger’s mouth. In General, the Sicilian mafia began to respect me. And the guy who as a stunt man eventually jumped from the ship, they were brought to the area in the trunk. As I explained, he did something wrong. And thus was able to redeem himself. By the way, he looked very happy — apparently, for him, it could end worse and our shooting was something of a lucky lottery ticket. I just said, “He will be able to swim? Will not drown if I jump?” I was assured: “everything, Everything you can. Perfectly will do!” And he, too, nodded happily”.

With such difficulties was held in Italy shooting the series “Margarita Nazarova” which now goes on the First channel. The fact that the Russian stuntmen, who were to participate in the filming, are unable to arrive by the deadline. The filmmakers had to find a stunt on the spot. But the Italian stuntmen are scheduled for the months ahead. And then joined the mafia. Producer on the Italian side helped Pogodina to contact “cool people who are here to solve all serious questions.” And they do not disappoint. Before leaving the film crew in Russia, the mobster has arranged a press conference and agreed to Pogodina awarded the title of honorary citizen of the city of Crotone, where the shooting took place.

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