Olga Pogodin spoke about the incident on the set with the tigers

Ольга Погодина рассказала об инциденте на съемках с тиграми
The actress and her partner were in a deadly situation.

Olga Pogodina

Photo: Yury Feklistov

Olga Pogodina, who played in the TV series “Margarita Nazarova” the main role of the trainer of tigers, had to learn the profession of the heroine — no computer graphics here would not be able to help. Of course, on the set had a lot of difficult situations — after all, the tigers are unpredictable. In particularly dangerous mess got Andrey Chernyshov, who played the husband of the heroine Pogodina, also trainer. Here it tells about this moment Olga herself:

“Was a terrible situation Andrei Chernyshov, who plays Constantine: on the scene for three and one tiger ready to attack. But Andrew was right. At a critical moment he went to the predator. If you made at least a step back, even Edgard Zapashny that lightning jumped to the ground, could not help. Because the tiger who preys on the victim, jumping harder and faster. But from the subordination released one of the most serious tigers — Elton. And so the approach it can be no closer than a meter — he’s not sociable. Edgard usually allowed to do a lot of takes with the tigers, but at that moment said, “All, now we release the animals, take no more. It is very dangerous”.

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