Olga Pogodin has told how she was captured by love

Ольга Погодина рассказала, как ее захватила любовь The actress admitted that the filming of the series “Margarita Nazarova” tricks predators were just the background. She fearlessly worked with tigers at the circus under the leadership of Edgard zapashnogo. For the singer of the title role, the series about a great tamer was the most candid conversation about love.

      Ольга Погодина рассказала, как ее захватила любовь

      Olga Pogodina played a major role in the series “Margarita Nazarova”. This film is based on real events and tells about the great tiger girl that knew all Soviet Union. In the movie the actress was in for trouble and even danger. She had no stunt doubles to do some very difficult tricks and to find a common language with the tigers.

      The secrets series “Margarita Nazarova”: how to create a film about the legendary tamer

      In the series, the filmmakers showed not only stunts the fearless tigers a toggle, but to discover the beautiful love story between Margarita Nazarova and her husband Constantine Constantine, played by Andrey Chernyshov. According to his friends of the famous couple, that Constantine made Margaret a star on a global scale. Tamer loved wife with all my heart. She just couldn’t handle the death of a spouse. According to one version, Constantine received a head injury from tigress, and he had inflammation of the brain. On the other, he was sick with brain cancer, and the tumor was not able to remove. Six days after operation the husband Nazarova died.

      “Nazarov and Constantine repeatedly split up after different disasters and deaths of children, but always came back to each other. To leave just. Back – much harder. I think they were United by a great love…This film is my most honest conversation about love. Only love captures me. And tricks with the predators – a background”, – Pogodin has told about the emotions of shooting in the picture.

      Ольга Погодина рассказала, как ее захватила любовь

      According to the actress, for three years, during which the movie was made, were awesome. Sensitive husband of Olga, Alexey Pimanov, which is the producer of the series, rooting for his beloved wife while she was on the set of predators. However, Olga told him not to interfere.

      Olga Pogodina and Alexey Pimanov: a love story, the secret wedding and collaboration

      “So we are agreed: he is in this story does not intervene. Because to survive for another even harder, than to risk himself. My husband and I wisely drew the line at all, for which I am extremely grateful to him”, – Pogodin has shared with journalists of the edition “7 Days”.

      Despite his anxiety to protect the spouse from tricks Pimanov could not. “Of course, I was aware that will happen on set, but in those moments when Olga was sticking his head in the jaws of a tiger, my shooting was not. On the other hand, I could not have Olga to stop, just because it’s part of her profession. A circus artist as an understudy was not. I’m proud of it,” recalled Alex.

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