Olga Ostroumova on marriage with Valentin Gaft: “I wanted to annoy the old man”

Ольга Остроумова о браке с Валентином Гафтом: «Мне хотелось досадить прежнему мужу» On the eve of the anniversary of the actress participated in the filming of autobiographical paintings “Olga Ostroumova. When you understand…”. In the film close to the star told about the talents of celebrity, and the children recalled how their mother found love again about 20 years ago.
Ольга Остроумова о браке с Валентином Гафтом: «Мне хотелось досадить прежнему мужу»

On Thursday Olga Ostroumova has marked the 70th anniversary. On the eve of the anniversary the team of the First channel made a film “Olga Ostroumova. When you understand…”. The famous actress shared memories of working with renowned Directors and has also disclosed the secrets of his personal life.

Ostroumova happy in a third marriage with Valentin Gaft. As they say friends of the couple, before getting married in 1996, actors for many years looked at each other. Valentin I. knew Ostroumova married to Director Mikhail Levitin. Suddenly, however, Olga found out about the infidelity of a spouse. She was unable to forgive him and filed for divorce.

“I remember this court. “What to write?” asked cute the judge. Let’s write “for the irresponsible attitude to the family,” said the ex-husband of the star of the painting “we’ll Live till Monday”.

Ольга Остроумова о браке с Валентином Гафтом: «Мне хотелось досадить прежнему мужу»

Valentin Gaft Ostroumova met at a creative evening. At the end of the event, she went out for a walk. The actor had signs of attention, and then suddenly disappeared for four months.

“I fell in love with her. I also decided what I should do. And didn’t call for a long time,” recalled the artist.

Ostroumova herself admits, what she needed was a third marriage. According to celebrity, she first fell in love with a showy man, and only then between them was born of true love. A woman prefers to separate these two concepts.

“Love is love. It can take place. Was born to love you need something else between a man and a woman. Then there was the love Tell a very revealing thing, may not be necessary to tell her millions of viewers. This women, probably many women it was. I wanted to annoy former husband. Here Gaft… I got married, it beautifully looked after,” – said Ostroumova.

The artist is your approach to relationships with men. According to Ostroumova, they must understand its mood and health. That’s why she tries to choose such companions.

“It’s true that men need to speak, to explain, and I wish they saw what was happening to me. And I think you have that right,” said Olga.

Valentin I. never ceases to admire his wife, because at home she transformed from an actress and a strong person in the household a wife who loves to get together with numerous relatives at the same table.