Ольга Остроумова расплакалась из-за сына
The actress arrived in Vyborg with their adult children.

Olga Ostroumova with his son Michael Levitin and daughter Olga Levitina

Photo: Helen Is Wonderful

In the competition program of the festival “Window to Europe” in Vyborg was
shown the directorial debut of Michael Levitin, Jr. In the movie “Rascal” he was shot
his mother Olga Ostroumov and sister Olga Levitin. Star family
come to Vyborg to present the picture to the audience.

Olga Ostroumova, Olga Levitin appeared in the usual
the roles of mothers and daughters, only in circumstances invented for them
heroines. Appears, by the way, in the picture, and Valentin Gaft — current husband of Olga Mikhailovna
however, in an unexpected role (he plays the deceased husband of the heroine, who as a
living menacingly looking at what is happening in the family with their portraits).

“I confess, not the whole Mishkin humor I always understood,” said
7days.ru Ostroumova. Sometimes he had to explain to me why you need those or
some remarks that made it funny. And how do you Valya Gaft to invite to the role
dead?! But the husband readily agreed and also treated it with humor. Valentin
I. loves my son, so why would Mike he didn’t, he
all agree”.

The actress admitted that not normally watching a movie with her
participation together with the audience, is disappointed about the reaction of the audience. But this
again Olga made an exception and was pleased: in Vyborg, the painting was perceived favorably. “I am the most uncreative in our family — laughing
Olga. — I am responsible for the farm and home. Lately, not
love to be in a movie. My greatest pleasure is to mess with their grandchildren. In
youth don’t always have enough time for their children, and
now I watch my grandchildren grow up is happiness.”

The film “Rascal”, the heroine Ostroumova dreams
about the grandchildren, but that she must marry his adult daughter. And
it is advisable for military, as was her father. Just such a perfect groom
(Vladimir Vdovichenkov) once there in their house… “I was difficult for this comedic role
says Olga. I thought that my character — a domineering woman,
such and began to play. But Misha stopped started shooting and gave me
just another problem. I remember I ran out and even wept a little, but then
regrouped and played the nice mother, who wanted to see my son.”

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