Ольга Орлова оказалась в эпицентре тайфуна в Японии A few days ago, the singer with his son Artem went on holiday to Japan. Olga Orlova and thought that you would become a witness of this Typhoon in the country of the rising sun. The actress and her heir was not injured, although he was very scared.
Ольга Орлова оказалась в эпицентре тайфуна в Японии

Not so long ago Olga Orlova made a promise to a son Artem, which will travel with him to Japan. Celebrity kept his word, but didn’t know that the land of the rising sun will meet its bad weather. During a vacation star of the family broke out a Typhoon in the midst of which was the presenter.

Fortunately, Olga and Artem was injured. The singer always been optimistic, so she always tries to see the pros. This time, the artist said: if not for the bad weather, she’d hardly be able to meet with the local underground.

“Thanks to today’s Typhoon, we visited the Tokyo metro. Honestly, forgive me, the Japanese, with our not compare,” wrote Orlov in social networks.
Ольга Орлова оказалась в эпицентре тайфуна в Японии

Olga looks in the pictures so calm that it seems that the situation with the natural elements in the country were normalized, however, reports suggest otherwise. There is information that Japan will soon be under the influence of a powerful Typhoon “Dandari”, which has been canceled more than three hundred flights. About 80 thousand inhabitants of certain areas of the country warned about possible evacuation. Fans of the eagles hope that the celebrity and her son manage to return home unharmed.

By the way, the star quite often traveling with the heir. Once in the tight schedule Olga, you receive a free week, she immediately starts to pack. The actress has repeatedly said that with Artem, she is always interesting and there is a lot to talk about.

We will remind, this year the son of the singer graduated from the school, but a caring mother is already thinking about what will be his future bride.

“Of course I have requirements for the future daughter-in-law, but to live it with him. Let him choose the girl that would have appealed to him. If only he was happy, and I will accept any decision. The material prosperity of the future wife of the son is also unimportant – for example, I myself come from a simple family,” — says Olga.

The actress also admitted that her heir is not watching the project “HOUSE-2”. Which for some time began to his mother. At this time Artem is simply sleeping, and personal life of stars of show he was not interested in.

“This project is for adults”: the son of Olga Orlova’s not watching “HOUSE-2”