Olga Orlova want to see the future daughter-in-law

Ольга Орлова мечтает скорее увидеть будущую невестку
The singer and TV presenter Olga Orlova has a teenage son Tom, the education which the performer is engaged in one.

Ольга Орлова мечтает скорее увидеть будущую невестку

Young people this year graduated from high school, and Olga believes that Tom little attention to girls. But she already has certain requirements as to future daughter in law what she shared with fans.

Ольга Орлова мечтает скорее увидеть будущую невестку

“Of course I have requirements for the future daughter-in-law, but to live it with him. Let him choose the girl that would have appealed to him. If only he was happy, and I will accept any decision. The material prosperity of the future wife of the son is also unimportant – for example, I myself come from a simple family.

When it starts, “the HOUSE-2″, he is asleep. This project is for adults. I’m not against the bride of his son, but he leads a little. I would at his age, drove more,” – said Orlov.

Artem now all the forces sent to the University, but, according to Olga, son is at that age when it is necessary to pay more attention to the opposite sex.

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