Olga Orlova told about his disease: “a Condition worse than ever!”

Ольга Орлова рассказала о своей болезни: «Состояние хуже некуда!»
The singer was forced to leave Russia.

Olga Orlova

Photo: @Instagram olgaorlova1311 Olga Orlova

Olga Orlova disappointed its fans with news: the other day she fell ill. The singer and now a leading scandalous “telestroke”, was diagnosed with bronchitis. The actress admitted that she feels “disgusting” and medicine yet do not have the desired effect.The most unpleasant in this story is that she was in a sick condition, had to be postponed after a lengthy flight. She flew to the Seychelles, where filming of “House-2”.

“I feel terrible. Bronchitis, fever, stuffy nose, etc. Fly to Seychelles… In hand Luggage variety of medications, the condition worse. I hate being sick!” complained Olga. In between filming Orlov drinking tea with lemon and ginger, and hopes for a speedy recovery. Quickly to his feet I wish the singer and her fans. By the way, fans do not hide their resentment against the leadership of the channel, which is sent to the patient leading to a business trip.

Home Olga, by the way, have to wait a new tenant. Orlov was sheltered by a charming friend, a dog named Asya, you were waiting for a tragic fate. First, the star took a homeless animal into the house for the so-called “overexposure”, that is, until she didn’t find new owners, but after spending time together has not been able to part with it.

“It obviously hurt, evidenced by the scars on his head. Otherwise, it was an incredibly touching and delicate dog. Very affectionate, calm, and contact. For the first week we taught her not to pee around the house and not to steal human food. Wandering and starvation took their toll. At the end of the second week of this skeleton gained 4 pounds. she is vaccinated. So the time came pristroystvo… And you know what I say?! I would never let go! Welcome home, my Ah!” — Olga has shared with fans.