Olga Orlova to endure tired of lies on “the House-2”

Ольга Орлова устала терпеть ложь на "Доме-2"
A year ago, fans of the popular TV project “Dom-2” was surprised to learn that the singer Olga Orlova will become one of the leading reality show.

Ольга Орлова устала терпеть ложь на "Доме-2"

All this year Olga led the project not only in Moscow, but flew to the Seychelles, where the part of the participants. But it seems the TV presenter is tired of the eternal squabbles on the show eventually broke down and left the place of execution.

Ольга Орлова устала терпеть ложь на "Доме-2"

“I’m just ashamed of all of you! said Orlov. — Why do I need to disassemble other people’s provocations? I don’t like I hate lies and fictions. I really want to go. I’m bored!”

According to Olga, she tired of the lies on the TV show, when most of the participants blatantly lie, looking straight in the eye.

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