Olga Orlova spoke frankly about his favorite male

Ольга Орлова откровенно заговорила о любимом мужчине The presenter explained when the wedding will take place. According to Orlova, she plans to formalize the relationship with the chosen presumably after they have children. The celebrity claims that she was comfortable marriage and not in a hurry to re-try on a wedding dress.
Ольга Орлова откровенно заговорила о любимом мужчине

Leading TV project “Dom-2” and the ex-participant of group “Brilliant” Olga Orlova tries carefully protected personal life and rarely speaks about his chosen journalists. The actress is in a relationship with her lover Ilya for more than five years. The man knowingly refers to her busy schedule of work and support throughout. According to the artist, they always respect each other’s opinions.

Some time ago the Network began to spread rumors about the upcoming wedding Orlova. The actress was married to Alexander by Karmanovym, but their marriage ended 13 years ago. Olga has a son Artem. The star admits she now a stamp in the passport is not the most important. Olga Orlova, revealed a truth about marriage

“I’ve been in this doll enough. Wedding, white dress not really for me mean something. After that, nothing in the relationship does not change. At least I have it was so. Will have children, and marry. Does not appear – it may also come, not know. I’m not thinking,” explained Orlov.
Ольга Орлова откровенно заговорила о любимом мужчине

By the way, Ilya got along great with the heir to Olga. According to celebrity, she was very lucky with my son because he never let my mom make a happy life.

“I have a very sociable child, he never had any jealousy toward my men, no complaints to my elected representatives. If my mother well, and he was good too. For that I am extremely grateful to Artem. In this regard, I have the Golden child. He knew every make friends, find a common language and common ground. This, of course, and the merit of my men, but a mutual history, too” – said a leading “House-2”.

We will remind, after parting with Karmanovym the eagles had a long relationship with Renat by Davletyarova. All the fans of Olga thought that their romance will end with a wedding, but this did not happen. Later, she met an entrepreneur named Peter. Remembering previous choices, Orlov says that in some moments she lacked the wisdom to put it all together otherwise. In addition, the artist tries to choose such companions on which to rely.

“It is important that the man was stronger than me, that when broken, it would grow around me and the rock, as a band-aid, I have always taped. But I very rarely fall apart. I’m a fighter, a soldier and never give up. Wounds make me have more will to win. But in those rare moments when they happen, are treated in their family,” said Olga in an interview with “Antenna-Telesem”.