Olga Orlova spoke about the conflict between father Friske and Shepelev

Ольга Орлова высказалась о конфликте отца Фриске и Шепелева A friend of the tragically deceased singer was first told about what he thinks about the intense relationships of her relatives. Olga Orlova would like to reconcile family Jeanne and civil husband Dmitry Shepelev artist.

      Ольга Орлова высказалась о конфликте отца Фриске и Шепелева

      The first soloist of “Brilliant” Olga Orlova was the closest person to her colleague Joan. Their friendship continues from the moment Friske became the artistic Director of the pop group in 1996. After the death and funeral of the talented singer Olga never spoke on the topic of conflict between the family of Zhanna and her civil husband Dmitry Shepelev.

      Vladimir Friske: “Dmitry Shepelev trying to come to peace”

      But recently, Orlova broke the silence and commented on the relationship of relatives and friends of the deceased star. It certainly is unfortunate that it happened, and Mr. Vladimir Borisovich, father of Joan, can’t agree about custody of two-year-old Plato. When asked to tell about the situation in the program “the mirror for the hero”, the hero of which this week was stellar, the lawyer Alexander Dobrovinsky, Orlov sighed. Olga asked a question about why she hadn’t asked for help Dobrovinsky, because he is a very experienced lawyer and had to deal with the most complex and seemingly unsolvable cases. Orlov regretfully admitted that unable to influence the situation with a little Plato. “I’m not God, I am many things in life can’t,” said Olga.

      A well-known lawyer Alexander Dobrovinsky also shared his view on the relationship of relatives to their homes. Leading lawyer of the country, representing the interests of the father of the son of Christina Orbakaite Denis in court, said that would not risk to take up case involving son Friske Plato. “Each is right in his own… If I was approached, I would try to bring the conflicting parties one on one in his office and tried to reconcile them,” said Dobrovinsky.

      We will remind, the son of Shepelev and Friske Plato now brought up his dad. According to some, it helps one of her friends Joan, whose name is Oksana Stepanova. Dmitry severely limited the child’s relationship with relatives of the singer that doesn’t suit them. According to the father of Joan of Vladimir Borisovich, he and his wife are second parents for a child, so it is important to regularly see him. Shepelev claims that constant contact with family Plato Friske may be detrimental to his mental and emotional state. In early 2016 the conflict Shepelev and Friske family moved to the legal framework: in the Khamovnichesky court held its first court session, during which close to Plato tried to agree about joint custody over the boy.

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