Olga Orlova responded to a revealing article

Ольга Орлова отреагировала на разоблачающую статью
Singer and TV presenter refuses to acknowledge that has done plastic surgery.

Olga Orlova

Photo: @Instagram olgaorlova1311 Olga Orlova

Olga Orlova is surprisingly calm reaction to the scathing article popular blogger. Lena Miro, famous for scandalous publications, dedicated to the singer and the leading “House-2” the next post in social networks. In it she had caught Olga in the deception. The article was about the fact that Orlov denies supposedly made the plastic surgery, although it has almost completely “converted” person. “Look at the face of Olga. There is no living space. Shot up hard — miró writes in his blog. — Orlov with her swollen lips and cheeks — a walking publicity plastic surgery a Clarion call: “don’t overdo it! And that will like me and Stifler’s mom!”

Usually the stars, came under criticism miró, come in indignation: I write in response to her insults, or threatening to sue. But Olga showed restraint and responded as kindly as possible. The singer invited the blogger to meet and verify personally how natural her face.

“Dear Elena!I invite You to any restaurant of the city of Moscow for dinner. In addition to delicious food and champagne, I promise that You will have a unique opportunity to feel me fully and in detail to study my face on the subject of injections, dermal fillers and seams. If You can find on my “naturally flat as a pancake, face – billiard balls of the cheeks, swollen lips” and so on, even the next day You will be able to write anything about me even more devastating than that. Let us agree on time and place, and spend with You an unforgettable evening together!” — says Olga.

Netizens are watching with interest the situation and want to know: will there be a meeting with Miro Orlova? And, if so, will it have Olga to convince blogger? By the way, according to the assumptions of followers of the singer, in pictures she looks much younger than his real age not “plastics” but thanks to photoshop.