Olga Orlova openly talked about leaving Zhanna Friske, a career in the “Brilliant” and love

Ольга Орлова откровенно рассказала об уходе Жанны Фриске, карьере в «Блестящих» и любви
The singer became a member of the project on the TV channel “Home” “Heroines of our time.”

Olga Orlova

Photo: “Home”

Singer Olga Orlova openly talked about leaving Zhanna Friske, star,
leaving the group “Brilliant”, female friendship and family.

Resignation Zhanna Friske: “We always think we have a whole life ahead to
in order to correct mistakes, to ask forgiveness or to help someone. But
really it’s not, and already it could all end tomorrow. Or even today. Of course,
after this event, my world turned upside down”.

About star-struck: “We’ve worked too hard not getting enough sleep, constantly
were on the move, traded to other hotels. Star sickness can
to start when you are greeted and treated like a Queen and you go on stage and
sing beautiful songs. And we are so much tired that it is up to us never
got through”.

About the “Brilliant”: “I considered myself a full-fledged part of the group and not
expected that this could happen to me.
But to spare yourself the non-constructive: either you move on or can
lie down and die. I started to work, and when you have a lot of work, designated for
depression in your schedule remains. Recommend this to everyone to take note:
start working, and then your depression will run away, sparkling heels”.

“The Last hero”: “Each participant could take only one thing from
“civilization”, and I chose toothpaste. Thought someone would take a comb,
the other shower gel etc. But when
we arrived, it turned out that one was with a soccer ball, the second – with
knitting, and the third by Shakespeare. It is, of course, useful, but only up to
until it is not over.

About love: “As Nietzsche said, when you meet the right guy, you’ll understand
why not work with others. This works 1000%. Now I don’t want
to talk about their relationship, because he is a non-public person, and I am very
glad of it. When the two meet a famous person, it is difficult for them to hide their
relations and make them purely personal. And here I have the opportunity
keep them for yourself and within your family.”

About the son: “it’s very important for him to be a support, helper and friend. However
now he’s at a difficult age, and sometimes I have to be a strict mother to
to keep him on the true path. It’s hard, but I make this for max

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