Ольга Орлова о крестнике Платоне, ссоре с Шепелевым и изменах любимого человека

Ольга Орлова о крестнике Платоне, ссоре с Шепелевым и изменах любимого человека

Recently a new guest in the TV show “Julia, damn it!” became a Russian 42-year-old singer Olga Orlova. At the moment celebrity is leading the project “Dom-2”, and in the past she was the soloist of group “Brilliant”. The singer spoke about why she can’t see his godson Plato, what is the cause of the quarrel with Dmitry Shepelev and how it relates to adultery on the part of a loved one.

First and foremost, Olga was told that the scandal that started after the death of her close friend and colleague Zhanna Friske, it’s all wrong. All this swearing and turning out the dirty Laundry of the family to the public is the last thing. She still thinks Joan her best friend and loves her as before, especially because Olga was baptized only son of singer Plato. Celebrity least of all in life wants when Plato grew up, he found some uncomplimentary remarks to his godmother about his father, whom he loved so much. That’s why Olga made the decision to remain silent and to keep their truth. Of course, it is very disappointing that over two years she had not seen his godson.

As for Dmitry Shepelev, the Orlov did not know why he broke things with her. It only suggests that this is due to the fact that at the time of the scandal, the singer was supported by parents of Jeanne, not his. However, publicly Olga never made any comment solely in the interests of Plato and the memory of a lost friend. Celebrity respect of Dmitry and believes that he owes nothing to prove and explain, he has all the rights to it, but no godmother. Shepelev did not explain his behavior Olga, it just stopped at some point to answer her calls and messages.

Then the woman spoke about her former lover, Alexander Karmanova, thanks to which it is now the leading “House-2”. Olga is grateful to him for the constant support he gives her a sense of confidence in every endeavor. The man for her is the main thing, if a husband loves his mate, he will always create a comfortable environment for her life.

Olga also shared his feelings about a former lover, Renate Davletyarova, a novel which lasted 5 years. The singer admitted that they had totally different characters but she has a womanly wisdom, which allows it to react correctly to a situation. Unfortunately, at the moment when the couple parted, Olga could not master their emotions, so it takes part of the blame in the breakup of their relationship. However, at the moment they feel for each other very warm and tender feelings, always call up and congratulate.

As for the adultery, then Olga believes that to forgive in this life can be anything, for her, the main thing, like asking for forgiveness. If a person has really repented and does not want to lose her, she feels and sees, that even treason will not stand in the way to forgiveness.

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