Olga Orlova married

Ольга Орлова выходит замуж

Best friend died in 2016 of brain cancer singer Jeanne Olga Orlova risk of getting married. The former participant of group “Shining” became the heroine of the program “invisible Man” in which the artist analyzed forensic scientist, a fortune teller, palmist, psychologist, magician and shaman. They opened the curtain on the personal lives of Olga, which she carefully hides from everyone.

It is known that in 2000, Olga married Alexander Karmanov. The singer gave birth to her businessman son Artem, but four years later they broke up.
After Alexander Orlov consisted in a civil marriage with the well-known producer Renat by Davletyarova, but with him before marriage is not reached. Now Olga is once again preparing to get married, though the name of his chosen hides from prying ears.
The actress admitted that indeed with the current groom introduced their now deceased friend Zhanna Friske.
“We are both Scorpios, and when the quarrel, I look at him in the mirror. I understand that “dragon”, only when you see his shoals” — said of the beloved Olga.
Fans are carefully watching the career and life of the singer, I suspect that we are talking about the stylist Eugene Krivenko, rumors about the affair with Olga which occur from time to time in the secular parties. She Orlov prefers not to answer direct questions and keep happiness in silence.