Olga Orlova is ready to leave the “House-2”

Ольга Орлова готова покинуть «Дом-2» The singer does not intend to tolerate the discomfort. Olga Orlova for six months appears on the screens in the reality show “Dom-2” as the lead. The artist realizes that he has achieved much in his life, and therefore chooses a job that completely satisfies her.
Ольга Орлова готова покинуть «Дом-2»

In the spring of this year it became known that the singer Olga Orlova has taken the place of the host of popular reality show “Dom-2”. For many fans of the actress it was a real surprise to see her in this role. Nonetheless, a great performer can easily got into the role and helped the heroes of telestroke solve the problems in the relationship. Olga Orlova allows son to watch “House-2” with her participation

Six months later, Olga can already draw conclusions about how organic it looks as the leading controversial reality show. The artist does not deny that she was worried, but now she feels in its place.

“If I realized that I was uncomfortable, did not stay in this show for a second — I have achieved a lot in their lives and believe that they can afford to do what I like. There is one remarkable phrase: “Do what he likes, and you’ll never work a day”. That’s what I do,” admitted the singer.

The former soloist of group “Brilliant” glad that the whole team warmly accepted it. Olga was afraid that she would criticize in the lead, as we understand – all public people to discuss, regardless of ability and talent. Moreover, the singer didn’t care that she appears in such a controversial project.

“Daily show look about 50 million people, and no matter how it is criticized, the majority would still be interested in “House-2″, his heroes. The more scandalous the project, the higher the ratings, and thus increasing in popularity. It’s only says that I made the right decision,” admitted Orlov.

Despite the fact that Olga leads the reality show, in which young men and women build relationships under a sight of numerous cameras, she tries to expose for all to see privacy. In an interview with Woman.ru the singer admitted that he doesn’t like it when strangers walk into her soul.

“I don’t like people in my relationships, and do not allow anyone to do that. Don’t understand how you can put some intimate moments on public display — I’m not one of those who live for show. Me uncomfortable,” – said the ex-soloist of “Brilliant”.