Ольга Орлова не против просмотра сыном "Дома-2"
Last week it became known that the famous telestroke “Dom-2” addition to the series of the leading.

Ольга Орлова не против просмотра сыном "Дома-2"

To Ksenia Borodina, Olga Buzova and Vlad Kadono joined the popular actress and singer Olga Orlova.

According to Olga, she never told anyone about my appointment. Everything learned only after the first release of the air.

Ольга Орлова не против просмотра сыном "Дома-2"

As for the 15-year-old son, Orlov said that he will not be allowed to watch the draft.

“I know where to go and what is the project – says the woman. Producers of channel TNT called me with a business proposition suddenly. Think time especially was not, therefore, immediately agreed. It’s such an experience! And very interesting to me.

Now becoming familiar with the stories of the participants, and they with me. Understand all of I help Xenia and Olga. The project looked to this glimpse, still do not know all quite well. I hope I will be useful to this show.

I’m not afraid of condemnation. I believe that everyone in the world will not please. People always criticized shows. “Dom-2″ is no exception! Someone scolds, someone supports. But, as the figures show, the project remains today one of the most popular in our country.”

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