Olga Orlova is credited with a new novel

Ольге Орловой приписывают новый роман According to journalists, the singer allegedly found and even lives with businessman Ilya Platonov, the son of the speaker of the Moscow city Duma. They were seen together near the apartment of Olga Orlova in the center of Moscow. Representatives of the artist the situation is not yet commented.

      Ольге Орловой приписывают новый роман

      38-year-old singer Olga Orlova, a former member of the group “Brilliant”, is considered one of the most enviable brides in Russian show business. However, Orlov is one of the few stars who prefers not to dwell on his personal life. Recently in a press there were messages that the actress allegedly is Dating 33-year-old businessman Ilya Platonov. They say, their affair has lasted for quite a large amount of time lovers and even live together. Official comments from representatives of the singer have not yet been reported.

      The reason for this information was the fact that Orlov and Platonov were caught together near the apartment of Olga — spacious duplex apartments overlooking the Cathedral of Christ the Savior located in the center of Moscow. In addition, in recent time, Olga can often be seen at social events with a luxurious ring on her ring finger. The inlaid decoration of the impressive size of the diamond. Whether it is a gift of the elect of the singer, is unknown. Platonov and Orlov together do not attend no social events, no crowded places.

      Olga Orlova was married to businessman Alexander Karmanov from 2000 to 2004 After her marriage Karmanov Olga left the group “Brilliant” to focus on family life. The entrepreneur and singer have a common son, 14-year-old Artem. The boy lives with his mother, but continues to communicate with his father. He is studying in Russian and English schools and is interested in the economy. According to Olga, her heir in the future is going to work in the banking sector. The singer is also godmother of three of Plato, the son of her tragically deceased close friend Zhanna Friske and its civil spouse Dmitry Shepelev.

      After breaking up with Karmanov Olga met with well-known producer Renat Davletyarov. However, before the wedding did not occur. In addition, according to some, the singer for a long time was having an affair with a businessman named Peter. The name of his elect to reveal the singer was in no hurry, and like to talk about their new relationship.

      Ilya Platonov, the General Director of the textile company “avalon-invest, the son of the former Chairman of the Moscow city Duma Vladimir Platonov, said Life.ru.

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