Olga Orlova: “I’m Tired to be a free girl”

Ольга Орлова: «Надоело быть свободной девушкой» In an interview with Rustam Solntsev, the singer admitted that wants to meet soul mate. Olga Orlova since last year, not only a pop star and the ex-soloist of popular group “Shining”, but the presenter still the rating of the project “Dom-2”.
Ольга Орлова: «Надоело быть свободной девушкой»

Despite the fact that the eagles have to discuss the personal lives of participants telestroke, about their own love Affairs Olga said reluctantly. But for a showman and a journalist, and his friend Rustam Solntseva star made an exception and told why she doesn’t like to be alone.

Olga, a couple of weeks ago, the Internet spread a video, you walk away from the set. Like, freaked out, tired of the lies and hypocrisy… Comment on his action.
Ольга Орлова: «Надоело быть свободной девушкой»I – man, which is the biggest of opponents lies, and lies, so she was trying to hide from what was happening at that moment on the set. As well as hoping that they will be forced to stop participants to engage in a fiction.—
That is, it was an appeal more to the guys than your desire to leave the show?
Ольга Орлова: «Надоело быть свободной девушкой»Yes, that’s right.
Ольга Орлова: «Надоело быть свободной девушкой»
If you continue to talk about your dissatisfaction with – what else don’t you like the show? What annoys you? Maybe the rest of the top?..
Ольга Орлова: «Надоело быть свободной девушкой»I honestly person in life not irritable. “The House-2” I do nothing can ruffle. But in everyday life don’t like unpunctuality and unreliability when people don’t keep their word. Try not to touch them.—
Your son Artem just turned 17 years old. How do you feel in the role of a young woman, but at the same time so mom adult son?
Ольга Орлова: «Надоело быть свободной девушкой»Great! I’m all happy and don’t complain about anything.—
Brilliant answer! Could you be more specific? Do you live together? How would you characterize your relationship? You each other friends? Or is it rather the model of “mother-son”?
Ольга Орлова: «Надоело быть свободной девушкой»Rather friends. But when it comes to school, be a mom, because to get the friend to learn can not, and son can. He is now 11th class exam, so it is necessary sometimes to be severe.

Artem is a good boy? Not a gangster, not a dunce?
Ольга Орлова: «Надоело быть свободной девушкой»No, he’s a great guy.—
Back to the topic of “House-2”. For anybody not a secret that brightest of all on the project today shining star Olga Buzova. How do you like the phrase about the fact that we live in an era of Buzova? Not too sound pathetic?
Ольга Орлова: «Надоело быть свободной девушкой»You know, I’m a very tolerant attitude for other people, live your life, anyone not forced to do anything. I’m for any creativity on the part of any person, if he actually likes what he does.—
Tell me, what’s your personal life at the moment?
Ольга Орлова: «Надоело быть свободной девушкой»I’m completely free. —
And happy?
Ольга Орлова: «Надоело быть свободной девушкой»Can’t say that this is so. I would like to still be unfree woman. I think that I have found.—
I can not ask about Elya…
Ольга Орлова: «Надоело быть свободной девушкой»Once you interrupt – let’s this subject not to touch.
Ольга Орлова: «Надоело быть свободной девушкой»
Ольга Орлова: «Надоело быть свободной девушкой»Because that for me is a very personal and serious topic, do not discuss it in the press and on TV. Not ready yet to make it out of their souls.
And there will come a time when you’re ready, you think?
Why? Person not to return… the experiences of each participant will remain with us.