Olga Orlova: “I Eat a quarter of what you want”

Ольга Орлова: «Ем ровно четверть того, что хочется»
According to the former soloist of group “Brilliant”, body proper nutrition more important than exercise.

Photo: from personal archive of Olga Orlova

Olga admits that I never considered myself an active athlete. “I have good genes. But occasionally I still train: the form necessary to support”, — says the singer. By the way, the time in
the gym she spends rare. Two years she discovered a workout that lasts for two hours and 20 minutes. It was in Germany, where Orlova operated
ligaments in the foot. It was there that she saw what EMS-fitness,
allows you to exercise, even people with injuries. For classes need special
suit, sending pulses that are forced to work almost all
muscle groups. “Not too complicated performing exercises within just 20 minutes, you feel like after a good workout,” she says.

And here on the right
food singer time no regrets. Olga is not the practice of fasting: after one day lasted for four days, but only got fatigue and headache,
she was sure that such an extreme is harmful. Much more she has everything that I want
controlling only the number. “If
had a “holiday belly”,
next day, reduce the portions. Eat exactly a quarter from what we want. But if not reduced, will not notice as you’ll get fat. Yes, the portion about the Cam — it’s not too satisfying, but not necessary nor fasting days, nor
diet. And if you are constantly eating fish
meat, vegetables and fruit, to get better at all difficult”. Have the eagles another secret:
in the morning on an empty stomach she drinks about a liter of water. “People should start the day with “internal
soul,” she said.

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