Olga Orlova has a shot at an erotic party

Ольга Орлова оторвалась на эротической вечеринке The singer, along with her friends had a great time. They sang karaoke, took pictures and enjoyed the fellowship with each other. Fans were surprised by the unexpected topic for a bachelorette party, which was attended by Olga Orlova.

      Singer Olga Orlova has excited the imagination revealing outfits in the era of the popularity of the group “Brilliant”. However, over time, the artist began to prefer more modest clothing. Now Olga has been a model mother, 15-year-old son, however, as it turned out, she sometimes lets go and allows you to break in the company of friends. Orlov together with his friends went to a karaoke club for a bachelorette party, which was held under the intriguing title.

      “The lecture “Erotica in art”. The plot thickens,” wrote Olga in the beginning of the holiday.

      Celebrity guests, among whom were Yana Rudkovskaya, Ekaterina Odintsova and many others did not restrain themselves. Orlov has posted a rather provocative picture. Olga is sitting on the table, and close friend of the singer whip about her head.

      Fans of this picture made a lasting impression. They were surprised to see the former soloist of group “Brilliant”.

      “Olga, you are the fire woman. And honestly, you have kindled the imagination and now I estimate it is BDSM for you”, “I thought, dear obedient, but sometimes naughty”, “Unexpected, beautiful, unusual. Good girl,” wrote a microblog followers of the singer.

      Friend also did not spare the vocal chords to sing karaoke. They performed timeless hits such as “White rose” sounded and “Love like sleep” by Alla Pugacheva. Fans were happy that celebrities having a good time.

      Not so long ago Olga Orlova returned from Sunny Cuba, where he celebrated his birthday. The singer sunbathed, swam and saw the sights of Liberty Island. Orlov showed his fans a perfect figure in a bikini. Fans couldn’t believe that the woman was 39 years old. They again admired the stunning appearance of the actress and asked her questions about how she managed to keep a great shape. Olga admitted that the secret of her slimness is that she is very attentive to your diet. She chooses only healthy food, although does not hide that sometimes can afford to depart from the usual menu and eat sweets, especially during the holidays.