Olga Orlova gave a sharp response, accusing it of oblivion Zhanna Friske

Ольга Орлова дала резкий ответ обвинившим ее в забвении Жанны Фриске The singer has stopped talking about his late friend. One of the fans of the group “Brilliant” Olga Orlova criticized that she couldn’t stop the sensation that erupted after the death of a child. The singer said that no one has the right to judge.
Ольга Орлова дала резкий ответ обвинившим ее в забвении Жанны Фриске

Hard debate under quite a neutral post in the blog eks-the soloist of group “Brilliant” and the leading “House-2” Olga Orlova. She wrote that does not like the cold, without much enthusiasm relates to the winter – time when you have to wrap up in warm clothes.

However, instead of having to speak on a given topic, one of podeschi pounced on Olga Orlov charges. The girl chided the singer forgotten her friend Zhanna Friske.

“You, Olga, do not do anything to make people not forget about Jeanne. Some of the words! More talk about dogs than about the person you called a friend, For what was it all for you personally? Probably, the answer is clear. Well. I wish you luck in your newfound fame, thanks to Jeanne. It is not friendship! It is a real hypocrisy on your part. I would you could respect, if you, Olga did something in memory of Jeanne. One song is not enough” – said podistica Olga Orlova.

Further angered a fan of the group “Brilliant”, said that Orlov could stop the ugly sensation that erupted after the departure of Jeanne Friske and does not subside for more than two years.

Singer hard to put in place presumptuous wearer Network. She made it clear that it does not intend to discuss this topic with strangers.

“You do what? Why did you decide that the right to judge my friendship and respect for Jeanne? – emotionally reacted to comments subscribers will Olga Orlova. If Joan forgot you, it doesn’t mean that I forgot! In the mud I’m not involved.”

Loyal fans of the vocalist and the leading “House-2” immediately rose to her defense. They asked Olga not to pay attention to the attacks of such truth-seekers and stigmatize a girl who dared to accuse a close friend of Jeanne Friske indifference.

“What do you personally relate to the friendship Olga and Jeanne?! Don’t you understand that Olga it hurts to remember what happened?! No, we need to finish and another to accuse Olga that her grief is silent! So, for a moment, it should be silent! Don’t know what happens to Olga’s heart, keeping mum,” “do Not pay attention to people from “the main thing to say your opinion”, and in this case will feel the other person anyway. These people do not realize that there are some subjects taboo to others. And once again to speak to their hurt,” – are followers Orlova.

As for cold weather, the star saves the work. On the eve of Olga Orlova once again came to the Seychelles to carry out issues of “House-2”.