Ольга Орлова решилась на «пластику»
The singer changed in appearance?

Olga Orlova

Photo: @olgaorlova1311 Instagram

Microblogging Olga Orlova is overwhelmed with questions about how the actress manages to maintain the perfect shape. Figure 40-year-old singer can envy even younger colleagues on the stage. Recently, the actress admitted that she resorted to non-surgical “plastic”.

“You often ask me about how I keep myself in shape and I decided to reveal the secret of her figure to the world around became more beautiful) For his slim body I owe a balanced diet. However, to maintain the aspect ratio and smooth body line helps me the procedure “Aromaplastie”, the results of which I love! — said Orlov. It helps to get rid of problems such as: breeches, inner thighs, knees, problem the upper stomach, sides, hands!” In fact, as Olga told, it’s the same lipo, then no “harm” in the form of anesthesia, surgery and recovery. However, fans doubted that Orlov actually have used this form of weight loss.

Recall that just a week ago, the singer commented attributed to her by fans of the novel by Vyacheslav Manucharov. She denied that long-term friendship with the artist has grown into something bigger. At the same time, Olga said that happy again in his personal life, but the name chosen to advertise will be. “And here’s my novel — my own business!” — she retorted.