Ольга Орлова разбила сердце молодому ухажеру
Party “House-2” in love with the singer.

Olga Orlova and Tom Soroka

Photo: Social networks

Olga Orlova may repeat the fate of Olga Buzova and Ksenia Borodina. So it turns out that all the leading the controversial project “House-2” will sooner or later begin a relationship with the participants of telestroke. So Olga, who received in the past year the work in a reality show, and a chance to build your love. For Orlova was hitting on one of the participants of the project — Artem Soroka.

Olga courtship of a young man is not taking. Tom, however, still hopes to win the heart of pop stars. “She’s wise, beautiful, interesting, and gorgeous girl. Recently skimmed through Instagram and realized that she was very lonely,” said the Magpie Sobesednik.

Orlov, meanwhile, insists that is not interested in the affair with a contestant on a television show. The singer, apparently, has long been in a relationship with a secret lover who does not want to present to the public. As you know, happiness likes silence, so the artist does not extend about the events in his personal life. But the achievements of the son he says willingly.

Recently Olga’s son 17-year-old Artem was awarded the “gold medal”. Largely thanks to my mother, he became an excellent student. Olga has told that supports the house of strict discipline and sometimes took drastic measures to ensure that Artem was immersed in study, but not in entertainment.