Olga Orlova admired the feminine figure in a swimsuit

Ольга Орлова восхитила женственной фигурой в купальнике The singer shared her hot pictures from holidays in Cuba. Olga Orlova has demonstrated that it is in great shape. Fans have spared no compliments for his favorite, calling ex-soloist of “Brilliant” a gorgeous woman with a superb figure.

      Olga Orlova last days of autumn holds on hot Cuba, where he enjoys a wonderful vacation in the company of his friends. The singer indulges its subscribers gorgeous photos of the exotic island, showing the unearthly beauty of distant shores. But the biggest popularity among fans of Olga Orlova are photos in which she poses herself, and in a swimsuit. Stars in swimsuits: what they are willing to go for beauty

      The singer posted a picture taken during a sea trip on the yacht. It Olga is depicted in full height, her feminine shape accentuates the luxurious swimsuit. “Viva, Cuba!”, – signed the former soloist of group “Brilliant” and tore the virtual applause of his fans. They are delighted to noted that the singer is incredibly good and feminine, and his grace resembles fine porcelain figurine.

      “Pretty pretty!”, “What a waist!”, “Excellent shape!”, “Thank you, that there are people that motivate”, “Olga, you’re beautiful!” “This tiny and incredibly beautiful and feminine!”, “Olenka, you’re in great shape!”, “Statuette”, “Figure – Shik!”, – have been getting compliments all the star her fans.

      It is worth noting that the ex-“Brilliant” Olga Orlova not get tired to amaze fans with their appearance and toned figure. In 39 years, singer looks just amazing, and it was not caught in the craze for plastic surgery and other medical methods of correction of forms. Olga admitted that the key to its harmony in the right and healthy food. Sometimes though, the star allows herself to ignore the advice of nutritionists and eat sweets, especially during the holidays.

      We will remind, on a distant Cuba Olga Orlova noted 39th birthday. The tradition to go on a holiday somewhere far and hot country singer and actress started a few years ago and tries not to break. For example, the 38th birthday Olga met in Brazil.

      Apparently, the singer feels quite harmonious and comfortable on Liberty Island. Olga walks a lot on the hot streets of Havana, enjoying the nature and beautiful weather, standing these days in Cuba, admiring the sea.