Ольгу Орлову подвергли травле
Singer tried to “fight back” against the attacks of enemies.

Olga Orlova

Photo: @Instagram olgaorlova1311 Olga Orlova

Olga Orlova became the new host of the program “Dom-2”. This news appeared recently, caused a great resonance in the social circles. Many colleagues and fans of the actress condemned her for her decision to join the ranks of participants in the controversial show. The participants of telestroke was not the person excited about Orlova on the set. Since then, the singer has announced that samples of the hand as the leading “House-2”, detractors literally hounded her. Olga said that she did not need the advice of strangers. In her microblog there was a record dedicated to the unfolding scandal.

“My dear Insta-friends! Tonight you will see me as co-host of the TV project “Dom-2”. In connection with the barrage of “advice” I received over the last couple of days about “how I need to live”, I want to tell you: let’s each of us do their work! My motto — “Be yourself and let others be others!” You do what you think is right and correct. Do not dwell on unhappy, they are always there and will know exactly how and what you should do. Don’t lose to yourself, live honestly and according to your inner feelings! Don’t be afraid to take new steps, develop, look for yourself! And remember, who does not make mistakes one does not learn! I wish you all inner freedom and harmony in the soul!” — wrote Olga.

Meanwhile, the leading “House-2” Ksenia Borodina and Olga Buzova supported the choice of the management of the channel. “Olga is trying himself. If all goes well and she stays, then go to the Seychelles and work there!” — told the Xenia.