Ольгу Орлову раскритиковали за слишком откровенное фото
Singer and TV presenter did not understand the fans.

Photo: Instagram

The longer the ex-soloist of group “Brilliant” Olga Orlova is working on the TV project “Dom-2”, the outspoken be her photos. At least associate with this her fans the change that happened with the singer.

When the star only just started to come to the set project in the Seychelles, every photo of her in a swimsuit was accompanied by a shaft of compliments and rave reviews: “Goddess!”, “Mermaid”, “Divine!”

But now that swimwear Olga began to show more than hide, the fans began to criticize it. And last the Orlova at all caused indignation of the public. “Terrible photo!”, “The ugly angle!”, “Olga, it’s too much!”, “The House-2…”, “How vulgar!” and stuff like that.

Did not appreciate the fans nor the pose, nor the swimsuit stars. However, all agreed that Olga looks for his 40 years just fine.

“I did not have global problems with a figure, — said Orlov in an interview to “7 Days”. — Never been skinny, nor fat. There was a time when I unwittingly gained ten extra pounds. But eating right does wonders. However, when during the pregnancy I gained twenty-five pounds, to lose weight could only give up dinners. Need a diet and fasting days I have not. Once tried to experiment, even starving. However, only lasted four days. I started getting headaches, worsened mood, ran out of power, and worst of all — didn’t leave a single gram. So I decided to learn how to eat right, abandoning the fatty, fried, sweet, canned. I eat little but often and variously to the menu was proteins and fats, and carbohydrates. But an active athlete I never was. Look good thanks to genes. But try to keep in shape. A few years ago I discovered training in EMS-technology: this is when the muscle is exposed to weak electric pulses. Thirty minutes you perform the usual exercises, without any additional sports equipment. But the effect of the classes — as if you four hours you do at the gym. Worked out all muscle, is made of the terrain of the body”.