Olga Orlov celebrates his birthday in Cuba

Ольга Орлова отмечает день рождения на Кубе The singer lit in the company of Havana beauties. Olga Orlova is enjoying a vacation in an exotic country. Star happy to share with fans the highlights of their journey.

      13 Nov popular singer, the former soloist of group “Brilliant” Olga Orlova turned 39 years old. The star decided to spend your holiday away from cold and snowy Moscow. Olga Orlova rushed to the shores of the Caribbean sea, and these days enjoying a day at the hot cube, teasing your bright summer photos subscribers microblog. By the way, the singer and actress a few years ago marked the beginning of a great tradition – to arrange a vacation on the day of birth, and tries not to break.

      “Celebrate with the girls! My friends, do not be jealous”, signed mischievous image, depicting her in the company of the sultry Hawaiian beauties Olga Orlova.

      But no girl, no fans of the singer on her not offended. On the contrary, they are happy for Olga, escaped from the capital and has arranged himself a birthday in such an unusual atmosphere.

      “Olga, happy birthday! All the best”, “happy birthday, you! Health, happiness, patience and love! Celebrating with you, I also today’s birthday”, “happy birthday, Olga! Be healthy and very happy!”, “A foul on olczyk, be happy!”, “Olga, happy birthday to you. You are an amazing person! I wish you health, love limitless, good luck and spiritual harmony!”, “Olga, happy birthday! Health, fulfillment of desires, happiness. Adorable, love!”, – this recognition and wishes to leave Olga Orlova her followers.

      Apparently, the singer feels quite harmonious and comfortable on Liberty Island. Olga walks a lot on the hot streets of Havana, enjoying the nature and beautiful weather, standing these days in Cuba, admiring the sea.

      It is not excluded that travels Olga Orlova not alone. Probably, positive impressions and emotions from the trip she shared with the man I love. The star, who very carefully guards her personal life from prying eyes, not so long ago admitted that for several years is in a relationship. Olga Orlova told about the beloved

      “Yes, three marriages I’ve had, now the fourth,” said Olga Orlova in the program “the invisible Man” on channel TV-3. – I’m with my man live for five years. We are both Scorpios. And when we argue with him, I see myself from the side. Seen their doorsteps, when the “screws up” your man is here”.