Ольга Медынич: «Сын растет ловеласом» On the eve of the season premiere of the series “Sweet life” “StarHit” talked to the actress. In the high-profile project Olga got the role of a provincial girl, who received in the capital all dreamed about. Medynich told “StarHit”, and for that I thank colleagues came to her incredible popularity on Instagram and who is helping to raise her son.

      Ольга Медынич: «Сын растет ловеласом»

      A graduate of the St. Petersburg Academy of theatre arts Olga Medynich became known to the General public thanks to the sketch-who “Female League: Guys, money, love”. She then showed themselves brilliantly in a parody of the program “Big difference”, just copying the image Ksenia Sobchak and Yana Churikova, Svetlana Zhurova and Kate Winslet. Then there were the numerous roles in movies and TV series, including ranking projects as “Traffic light” and “Gentlemen, good luck!”.

      And here’s one of the main roles in the popular project “Sweet life”, the third season of which kicks off tonight on TNT. However, despite high employment, Olga manages to blog in Instagram, the popularity of which is growing every day – thanks to a humorous live Medynich, in the last month, the actress has signed up more than two hundred thousand people. In an exclusive interview with “StarHit” Olga said, why refuse to advertise the beauty and why tormented son.

      Olga, today we will see you in the TV series “Sweet life”. There is someone you played?
      Ольга Медынич: «Сын растет ловеласом»I got the role of a lady named Sophia, who came with her husband from Yakutsk to conquer Moscow. She succeeded, with her husband, a gold miner. It turns out that she and her husband are neighbors of the main characters of the series – Natasha and Vadim. To me, the heroine in spirit, of course, not very close, but I’m sure each of us periodically faced in life with such as she. This girl, for whom in the man most importantly, what you ride, how much you earn and what you will wear. But I like the actress, it was important to show that with all this Sophia is not a bastard, she was a bad person. She just under-loved girl who is married young and is going through a period of cooling of feelings in the family. Disorder in sexual life and throws her into the arms of a neighbor Vadim…
      Ольга Медынич: «Сын растет ловеласом»
      What did you learn on the set of “the Sweet life”?
      Ольга Медынич: «Сын растет ловеласом»With a parachute I didn’t jump on the horse not galloping, we’re not the gunman was shot. But acquired on the set of a great friend, actor Alexander Robak, who played my husband. Now his wife fine friends families. —
      Your videos in Instagram just tear the Internet they publish on pages of the popular public, people never cease to extol your sense of humor…
      Ольга Медынич: «Сын растет ловеласом»But for a long time I was not in “Vkontakte” or in “Instagram”! I’m only two years ago signed up to Facebook, texted with friends. And here, on the set of “the Sweet life”, Sasha Roebuck and Roma Makin took my phone and can say, forcibly I created a page in Instagram. Like, say, you don’t understand that this is a great platform for artists, almost a mini-TV! I gave up… Began to study the popular page and was horrified how many stupid publish fashion sites. I’m all for professionalism, and it seemed to me outright lies about the video, for example-how to braid hair in 15 seconds.I took and shot video on the topic of lip augmentation with conventional banks. I’ve always removed them, only for friends and to be honest, there is no censorship vocabulary. And then decided to show the people that suddenly like that? Though he doubted – it seemed to me that such humor is funny only to a narrow circle of people. Friends constantly asked: “Why don’t you put video in blog?”, but I protested: “Oh, say, some stupid…” And then still decided and put. And, of course, did not expect that people will like, and they will put me thousands of “likes”. Especially a movie like cosmetologists, makeup artists, hairdressers – apparently, they already tired of these videos about how you can take care of themselves, without turning to the professionals.

      Video published Medynich (@medynich) 17 May 2016 at 9:59 PM PDT

      And do as you are cared for?
      Ольга Медынич: «Сын растет ловеласом»To look good is part of my work, so, of course, from time to time I go to the beautician. My face almost every day putting on makeup, the skin dries and this, of course, she needs the care of professionals. Plus on the shelf in my bathroom full of creams and moisturizing masks – I have very dry skin. But in everyday life I wear makeup very rarely – I’m not one of those women who go to the store painted. Also follow the diet. In our family’s diet – only healthy foods: vegetables, fruits, milk, eggs, fish, meat, On diets I do not sit, just think that we need to eat less, that’s all.
      Ольга Медынич: «Сын растет ловеласом»
      In “Instagram” surely you propose to advertise something. Why not go for it?
      Ольга Медынич: «Сын растет ловеласом»Yes, indeed, with me constantly get in touch with beauty salons and clothing stores, but I deny them. Just don’t understand why I need it? Manicure I can and at the expense of the salon next to the house – I feel so comfortable. Dress I can also buy for yourself. If, of course, I was offered a good sum, maybe I would have thought. (Laughs) And to tell on his page about some razors… No, I don’t need it. Besides, it’s just funny to watch a celebrity says in his blog that uses a cream for 59 rubles, because everyone knows that’s a lie. Or a post about what star whiten your teeth using strips when it is obvious that her whole jaw ceramic…—
      Who helps to educate your three-year son Dima?
      Ольга Медынич: «Сын растет ловеласом»My mom. She worked as a nanny, and then, when my son was born, I offered: “Quit and come to work for me”. So for Dima not to worry, it grows in boundless love. We both love to play hide and seek, he loves when I tickle him, asks: “Mom, pomocy me!” When familiar people or journalists ask me about his achievements, I did not hesitate to answer: “the Main achievement of Dima that he is a happy child”. Son – he is still brutal, he is only three years, and I have understood that he will grow up to be a ladies ‘ man. Loves looking at beautiful girls, looks at them with a look from under the eyebrows”. My friends are coming to visit us, laughing: “Ol, so your son is looking at us, that I want to pull the skirt down…”

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