Olga Lomonosova seriously jeopardize your health after birth

Ольга Ломоносова серьезно рискнула здоровьем после рождения ребенка The spring star of the TV series “Not born beautiful” became a mother for the third time. A few days after the long-awaited replenishment in the family of Olga Lomonosova decided to go on stage one of the Metropolitan theatres. As it turned out, the actress hardly has fulfilled its role.

In April of this year, the star of the series “Not born beautiful” Olga Lomonosova became the mother of many children. The actress gave her civilian husband Paul Safonov son, who decided to call Fedor. Charming baby was the first boy in a family of artists, raising two daughters, Barbara and Alexander. Recently Olga and Paul gave an interview and talked about how they cope with raising a third child.

As it turned out, after only nine days after the birth of Theodore, the actress returned to work. Lomonosov took part in the play “Cyrano.” While Olga shone on the stage of one of the Metropolitan theatres, and her husband, Paul nursed the baby.

“I came to the theater and realized that no way back, but felt that the body does not belong to me. But apparently, the man has hidden reserves, especially in women, so the play I played. However, the impact on the body were so severe that the result was smaller,” – says Lomonosov.

Then Olga decided to take a break in their activities. The actress dared to get to work only when my son turned a month. Then Lomonosov came to Noumea to take part in the series “Martov”. A star made up a cute baby and his nanny. At the same time, Moscow continued the shooting of the project “Better than people”. In the capital Olga helped beloved husband.

“After the theatre ran to me for a shooting, pronounced Fyodor. I think he then tuned into the son and now better all contact with him,” said the actress.

According to Paul, his “trained” colleagues. Some of them Safonov finds extremely nervous. When Fedor was born, the man was always busy at work and gave her a lot of energy. “But his birth gave so much energy that I don’t coast, but only spent. Coming from rehearsal, after which I rocked, I took Fyodor, because Olga shook even more,” recalls the husband of Lomonosova.

During the conversation with the journalists Pavel Safonov also said about why not legalized the relations with the civil wife. In recognition of the actor, he is very skeptical about the stamp in the passport, as to all such procedures. “Life is wiser than any wedding. Well, it so happened – already drove the car. Well, then all of a sudden add to it another wheel?” – quoted Safonova WomanHit.ru.