Ольга Куриленко заменит Фаину Раневскую?!
The actress will play in the remake of the old Soviet film.

Olga Kurylenko

Photo: Fotodom.ru

The news that actress
Olga Kurylenko will star in the remake
the movie “Pokeys”, became a sensation. After the while
not officially confirmed the information, Olga will play a role in the old
the movie was playing by herself Faina Ranika!

That 36-year-old actress is
negotiations about his participation in the film and are inclined to accept the offer,
said the General Director of the Gorky film Studio — Sergei Zernov.

“Olga Kurylenko read
the script and gave its preliminary consent to participate in this project. In this
the picture we would like to ensure that the tradition of Russian cinema combined with the
techniques of American cinema!” — said Zernov.

Choice Olga for one of the
the main roles means, apparently, that the plot of the film will be subjected to serious
changes. After all, brilliant Ranevskaya with Rostislav Platcom played
already very elderly lady who was eager to adopt the lost
the girl — the heroine of the film.

Olga shouldn’t be too hard
to join the cast, which will involve domestic actors.
Indeed, although it is often referred to as ‘ French actress, Olga was born in the USSR, in
the city of Berdyansk Zaporizhia region. And in Europe she left when she
have attained 16 years, received a partnership proposal from Paris
the modeling Agency. Having mastered the profession of a model, Kurylenko has tested himself
an actress and has achieved great success. Special popularity to it
brought the role of Camille, girls of James bond in “quantum of Solace”,
filmed in 2008-m to year.

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