Ольга Куриленко рассказала об особенности супруга The actress is delighted by the habits of the English millionaire. Olga Kurylenko admits that her husband reads a lot and knows better the history of Russia. In addition, she noted that Max Benitz is a true patriot of his country.

      Olga Kurylenko gets used to reconcile family life with work. In November last year it became known that the Hollywood actress of Ukrainian origin for the first time gave birth to a child, and after six months she returned to work. Interestingly, the star received a lot of suggestions about shooting, but in the choice of scripts, she relies on her husband.

      The chosen artist, Englishman Max Benitz is a very erudite man. He worked as an actor and a journalist and a writer. Kurylenko delighted with the knowledge of her husband. She is amazed how he manages to find time for reading in his busy schedule.

      “I’ve never seen anyone more well-read: he knows all the books in the world. I ask, “You read it here?” “Yes!” “And this?” – “Read! And here it is too reading!” Nowadays everyone is looking into the phones as he looks in the book. There are thin books that are thick. And the fat one as he last studied, I had never seen – so high, that wide. And it’s not an encyclopedia, a novel of Indian writer. He was mastered. I said to him, “are You? I this book the year I will read”, – says Olga.

      Olga does not hide the pride in his chosen, whom the Western media ascribe to a fabulous fortune. Kurylenko shows off the fact that Max not only is a true patriot of his homeland, but also has perfect knowledge of the history of other countries.

      “He knows better than me the history of Russia. All about Stalin knows all the dates. Not just in what year and what day! It’s his passion – do not feed bread, let me see,” says the actress.

      It is noteworthy that Benitz and Kurylenko together decided how to name their firstborn. The name “Alexander”, all arranged, because it sounds about the same in many languages. However, when on a visit to a young family mom came to Olga, she began to call the boy affectionately Sasha. Son-in-law joked on this topic.

      Olga Kurylenko came out of the employee’s heir

      “You know what I told our dad? “Next time we will name the baby, do me right tell me his real name. I thought he would be Alexander! And you call him Sasha!” I said, “But Alexander – Sasha”, “No! Alexander is Alexander, and Sasha is Sasha. – “Well everything, – speak, – we fooled you!” Now he strictly calls him Alexander, and we have Sasha,” laughs Kurylenko in an interview with the magazine “Tatler”.

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