Olga Kurylenko showed the grown son

Ольга Куриленко показала подросшего сына

Last year Hollywood actress of Ukrainian origin Olga Kurilenko first became a mother.

The celebrity gave birth to a boy, who was named Alexander, Max, Horatio.

Ольга Куриленко показала подросшего сына

Pregnancy Kurylenko for most was a big surprise and even a shock. The past six months, the actress didn’t show on the eye press did not attend social events and did not put your photo in full growth in social networks.

The child’s father is journalist Max Benitz, also known as an actor (“Master and commander”).

Details of his personal life, Olga is still active tells, only occasionally shared with fans snapshots of the grown son.

The other day on the page of the actress to Instagram were posted a new picture. It was published in honor of birthday boy 3 October the child was. By the way, the baby’s parents made a very expensive and even adult gift. they decided to develop a child’s creative talent and presented synthesizer. The baby was interested in the gift. The photo captures the moment when Alexander unpacks the gift, however, the foam in the box interested him more than the musical instrument.

“Happy birthday, my love”, – signed photo of Olga.