Ольга Куриленко впервые показала сына

At the end of last year, the Hollywood actress of Ukrainian origin Olga Kurilenko first became a mother.

The celebrity gave birth to a boy, who was named Alexander, Max, Horatio.

Pregnancy Kurylenko for most was a big surprise and even a shock. The past six months, the actress didn’t show on the eye press did not attend social events and did not put your photo in full growth in social networks.

The child’s father is journalist Max Benitz, also known as an actor (“Master and commander”).

The details of his personal life, Olga continued to hide. Since the birth of the baby, she never showed the audience. Until recently… On his page in Instagram Kurylenko published a photograph with the baby.

For photos of the happy Olga is holding his son. “My favorite man in the world”, signed Olga.

The fan was very surprised that the actress even from the back, but still showed a son, and also pointed to some excellent physical shape she is in.

Earlier, 36-year-old Olga Kurylenko was married to French photographer Cedric van Mol, their marriage lasted three years. After she married an American businessman Damian Gabrielle, but this Union did not last long. Well, I hope that the wedding with max Beniam will take place soon.


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